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  • Pay No Sales Tax
  • Undergo No Inspections
  • Keep Your Drivers License
  • Pay No Personal Property Tax
  • No Lawyer Needed

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Montana Plate ABCs

A. We create a Montana LLC for you.

B. You use your Montana LLC to buy an RV, classic or exotic car. Your LLC owns the vehicle. You (and any additional shareholders you designate) own the LLC. Your Montana LLC has its situs in Montana where there is no sales tax.

C. Your new Montana plates arrive by courier. All you have to do is screw them on. We take care of all of the details.

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Get Montana Plates and Drive the Company Car

Montana, has no sales or use tax and there's no vehicle inspection required. Your Montana LLC owns the vehicle; you drive the company car. Get Montana plates and pay the lowest rate in 50 states!

Get Your Montana Plates Now From Deer Creek and Save

Most Montana registered agents may have to charge you a sizeable added fee, up to 0.7 percent of a new vehicle's sticker price, for a new vehicle registration. When you use our vehicle registration services, you pay one flat rate, regardless of vehicle value. This means you pay no luxury or value-added taxes for your Montana plates. RV full-timers, car collectors, and airplane owners prefer Montana LLCs for managing movable property because Montana LLCs pay 0% sales tax. Call us today at 877-913-5100 to find out how you'll save even more when you get your flat rate Montana plates from Deer Creek.

Watch see one of our happy customers explain how he saved over $30,000 in one day!

Real Customer Support From Real Registered Agents

We don't delegate or offshore our customer support to anyone. Call us to get unscripted, expert, and timely answers to all of your questions. Consultations are always free: call now at 877-913-5100, use our live chat, or visit our contact page to send us an email.

No Montana Driver's License or Vehicle Inspection Required

You can easily create your Montana LLC and order Montana plates for your RV, collectible automobile, or trailer from the comfort of your own home. While some of our clients prefer to obtain a Montana driver's license, neither vehicle inspections nor a Montana driver's license are required to register a vehicle with your Montana LLC. Call us at 877-913-5100 for more information or create your MT LLC online.

Get Your Montana License Plates Fast

Don't muddle with middlemen. Large national companies Get Montana Plates Fastwith offices in states like Delaware and California use subcontractors to create Montana LLCs and have no vehicle registration services. Our offices are within walking distance of all government offices in Montana's state capitol. We hand-deliver your documents, pick up your Montana license plates quickly and send them to you by courier. You get your plates fast.

Create Your Montana LLC Before You Buy

Still looking for your dream car, RV, or boat? Be prepared: create a Montana LLC now and add Montana registration later. We also offer an economical LLC name reservation service. Call 877-913-5100 for details.

Two Montana LLC Privacy Options

Montana LLC member names and addresses are public records. If you're concerned about litigants locating you through your Montana LLC, rest easy: Deer Creek can create a limited liability company asset protection structure for you that combines LLC member privacy and no sales tax. Choose from one of the following two options:

Enhanced Montana LLC Privacy

Simply nominate Deer Creek's privacy firm, Management Services, LLC as the manager of your Montana LLC and our company, instead of your name, appears in the public record. Our limited power of attorney agreement leaves you in the driver's seat, privately and anonymously. Say goodbye to nuisance suits and "fishing letters". When you get Montana license plates with our enhanced Montana LLC privacy option, you gain peace of mind with only one additional form. Get our enhanced Montana LLC privacy package today for a low additional charge of only $495. Protecting your valuable assets from public disclosure is simpler than you think. Call us (877-913-5100) or email us today and let Deer Creek handle all of the details.

Bulletproof Montana LLC Privacy

Need even more privacy and asset protection? Our strongest privacy option uses a two-layered LLC structure. First we create an LLC for you in a state which collects no LLC member information. Then we create a Montana LLC using the first LLC, which you control, as the manager of the Montana LLC. This is the strongest privacy protection we offer. Our bulletproof LLC privacy package is also available for the low additional charge of only $495. While our bulletproof LLC privacy package requires more paperwork to create and maintain, it has many uses beyond managing movable property. Call us (877-913-5100) to learn more or send us an email for a free consulation.

While we are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice, we're happy to discuss your privacy concerns with you. Call us at 877-913-5100 with your questions about privacy and Montana plates.

Fleet Registration

If you purchase fleet vehicles with a GVW below 55,000 pounds, you can domicile them in Montana using a Montana LLC and can save a small fortune in sales tax and usage fees. You can also save even more on vehicle registration with our fleet discount. Call us at 877-913-5100 to learn more.

Get a Bank Account for Your LLC

Create a Montana, Wyoming or New Mexico bank account for your LLC for as low as $295 with Deer Creek (Montana banks require an initial $100 deposit in addition to our fee). Checks, debit cards, credit cards, and online banking are also available for your convenience. No need to travel or courier documents back and forth: you can sign all the required documents for your new account at a local branch of the bank we work with, in your home state! Using a business checking account for your LLC makes it easy for you to document your LLC's business activity and, when you create your account, you will also receive a Federal Identification Number for your LLC, adding another layer of authenticity to your new company. Call Deer Creek now toll-free at 877-913-5100 to create your LLC and your Montana, Wyoming, or New Mexico bank account today.

New Mexico and Wyoming LLCs Too

With the help of Deer Creek, you can form your Limited Liability Company in New Mexico or Wyoming as easily as you can create a Montana LLC. Our customers choose Wyoming to conduct business in the state or for asset protection (while Montana is sales-tax free, Wyoming imposes no state income taxes). New Mexico, on the other hand, offers very strong LLC member privacy protection. The advantages of more than one state's LLC statutes can easily be combined. For example, you can use a New Mexico LLC to manage a Montana LLC, reaping the advantages of both. If you need more than a sales-tax free Montana LLC to manage moveable property, we're here to help. Call Deer Creek at 877-913-5100 for a free consultation, use our live chat, or visit our contact page to get your questions answered.

The Montana Advantage

National registered agents and legal services firms can't compete with Deer Creek's Montana Registered Agent service because they have no physical presence in Montana. These companies use courier services and low-bid subcontractors, then pass the added costs on to you. A problem as simple as a misspelling on your LLC filing can swiftly become an insurmountable challenge when boiler room telephone support is combined with a strip mall legal office in another time zone. With Deer Creek as your Montana Registered Agent, you avoid the middlemen and deal directly with native Montanans in Montana's state capitol. Our customer service is second-to-none but don't just take our word for it: check out our written and video testimonials.

Any questions? If you need more information about Montana LLCs or Montana vehicle registration, call us at 877-913-5100 for a free consultation, use our live chat, or visit our contact page.

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