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If you're interested in creating a New Mexico LLC, you're in the right place. New Mexico LLCs offer peerless privacy and low startup costs. Deer Creek Corporate Services offers personalized customer service and years of experience. Keep reading to learn more or call us now toll-free at 877-913-5100 to create your New Mexico LLC right now!

The Corporate Veil in New Mexico

An LLC has it's own judicial personality, with rights, protections, and liabilities. LLCs can sue and be sued, incur debts and own property. The corporate veil separates the personality of the LLC from the personalities of the shareholders, protecting the shareholders from personal liability. The corporate veil is not, however, an iron mask and, under certain circumstances, can be lifted by a court order, exposing the LLC members to personal liability. Unlike other states, New Mexico's strong LLC privacy statutes protect LLC member privacy, allowing you to keep your names out of the public record. In New Mexico, LLC privacy is a given--no additional legal maneuvers or fees are required for you to remain anonymous.

New Mexico's Home State Advantage

All corporations have a home state where they exist as a domestic corporation. In other states where the company operates, the company must apply for authority to do business as a foreign corporation. Courts are required to abide by the statutes of the corporation's home state to determine whether the corporate veil may be lifted or pierced. This means that, where the potential for litigation is concerned, there can be a real advantage to basing a company in New Mexico, even if you plan to do business in other states.

Privacy and Asset Protection in New Mexico

Privacy is an essential component of asset protection plans. While governments and banks might tout their cash reserves, individuals and families generally invite adverse consequences by trumpeting their wealth. The man who brags publicly about his collection of rare gold coins invites scrutiny from tax collectors, begging letters from strangers, frivolous lawsuits and the interest of thieves. An LLC can also attract unwelcome attention. For example, some state revenue departments will routinely send warning letters to or even investigate residents whom they find listed as a member or manager of a foreign LLC. New Mexico LLC shareholders are immune to these types of fishing expeditions, as the names of shareholders are not part of the public record. In New Mexico, only the following information is required information on a company's articles of organization:

  1. the name and address of the company
  2. the name and address of the Registered Agent
  3. the duration of the LLC, which can be limited or perpetual

Create Your New Mexico LLC Today

You don't have to live in New Mexico to form and manage a New Mexico LLC. You do require a registered agent for your LLC or corporation (in New Mexico an LLC cannot act as its own Registered Agent). At Deer Creek, we've been creating LLCs since 1996. As your registered agent, we'll receive and forward your mail, annual report, and any legal documents for your New Mexico corporation. Our offices are open during normal business hours for mail delivery and service of process. Deer Creek can help you incorporate New Mexico LLCs and New Mexico Corporations, including New Mexico Subchapter S Corporations and New Mexico C Corporations.

Start growing your wealth and safeguarding your assets with a New Mexico LLC today!

Get Started!

If you're ready to get started, Deer Creek is ready to serve you as the New Mexico Registered Agent for your new New Mexico LLC. There's only three easy steps:

1. Check to make sure that the name you've chosen for your New Mexico LLC is available: New Mexico Business Entity Search

2. Once you've decided on the name for your New Mexico LLC, simply fill out the following form and return the completed, signed form to us by fax, mail, or courier: New Mexico Domestic Limited Liability Company Application and Requirements

Fax: (888) 587-5379

USPS (excluding FedEx, UPS, and DHL):
P.O. Box 1840 Helena, MT 59624

Physical address (for FedEx, UPS, and DHL):
415 N. Benton Ave. Helena, MT 59601

3. Your payment of $495 includes your New Mexico LLC incorporation filing, one year of New Mexico Registered Agent services, and all state filing fees (our basic fee does not include bank account creation). You can pay all fees by credit card through our secure payment form:

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Subsequent to the first year your company is created, Deer Creek's New Mexico Registered Agent annual fees are a very affordable $100 per year.

Change of New Mexico Registered Agents

If you currently have an LLC, but want us to serve as your new registered agent instead, we can help. The change of New Mexico Registered Agent is absolutely free!

New Mexico Statement of Change of Registered Agent Form

If you need more information about New Mexico LLCs, New Mexico Corporations or any other services we provide, call us at 877-913-5100 for a free consultation, use our live chat, or visit our contact page. If you want to know more about Deer Creek Corporate Services, check out our written and video testimonials.

We're looking forward to doing being your New Mexico Registered Agent!

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