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At llctlc, we’ve been registered agents in the state of Montana from the year 1999 onwards,
are members of the Better Business Bureau, and are members of the National Public Records and Research Association. We created this page to help you decide which company to work with when you create a tax-free Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) to manage movable property like RVs, boats, collectible cars, or aircraft.

If a Competitor’s Claim Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

No bait and switch prices here. Get an honest quote for your Montana LLC at llctlc.

Maybe you’ve seen online advertisements like the following:

Form a Montana LLC for under $50

If you click on this advertisement online,
you’ll find that the company behind it sells something they call LLC “kits” – blank forms and a binder – for a $79 fee. Do some more clicking and you’ll find that the same company actually charges $1195 to create an LLC
(which does not include the vehicle registration services that come with llctlc’s LLC vehicle package). This company, and many others like it, have no physical presence in Montana. Instead these operations bury or refuse to publish their physical address on their website and subcontract their registered agent services to the lowest bidders. This isn’t the way we do business at llctlc.

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Enjoy Peerless Member Privacy at No Extra Cost with a secure New Mexico LLC. Rest easy when you make New Mexico your corporate home base.

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The Montana Advantage: Honesty, Clear Communication, and Great Customer Service

At llctlc, we do business the Big Sky way, which means open, honest communication with our customers and absolutely no hidden costs (see our testimonials). We don’t play bait and switch with prices either. Our flat motorhome/RV fee of $1295 covers all filing fees with the Montana Secretary of State, the license plates for your vehicle, registered agent fees for a full year, fast shipping of all corporate documents, and delivery of your license plates right to your front door.

The Montana LLC creation experts at llctlc.

llctlc can get you on the road, on the water, or in the air faster than our out-of-state competitors because our offices are located in downtown Helena, Montana’s state capitol (see our video introduction). Instead of sending your information to an anonymous subcontractor in another state, we work directly with all of the government offices involved in creating your Montana LLC and registering your vehicle or aircraft. Our customer service is second to none. We’ve been doing business in Montana long enough to get to know a few people – from the year 1999 onwards – and we’ll be here for you when you need your questions answered.

Want to find out more before you buy? Test drive llctlc’s customer service: call us at (877) 913-5100, send us an email, or visit llctlc.com. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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