About Us


The Montana Advantage

National registered agents and legal services firms can’t compete with LLCTLC’s Montana Registered Agent service because they have no physical presence in Montana. These companies use courier services and low–bid subcontractors, then pass the added costs on to you. A problem as simple as a misspelling on your LLC filing can swiftly become an insurmountable challenge when boiler room telephone support is combined with a strip mall legal office in another time zone. With LLCTLC as your Montana Registered Agent, you avoid the middlemen and deal directly with native Montanans in Montana’s state capital. Our customer service is second-to-none but don’t just take our word for it: check out our written and video testimonials.

The Company You Keep

Closely held management services companies are nothing new. Successful Hollywood actors have used personal services companies to manage expenses and minimize taxation for many years. Landlords and limousine drivers use similar strategies, as do family trusts. At LLCTLC, we specialize in helping people like you create typically an LLC, to manage movable property. Using your Montana company to manage movable property like RVs and exotic cars can save you a small fortune and simplify record-keeping too. Your Montana LLCs pays no sales tax and can own vehicles (and airplanes).

One Low Flat Fee

Just say no to value-added county taxes. Other registered agents may have to charge you up to 0.7 percent of a new vehicle’s sticker price for a new vehicle registration. We can eliminate even this small fee by registering your Montana LLC RV or car in the lowest-priced county in Montana. RV full timers, car collectors, and airplane owners prefer Montana LLCs for managing movable property because Montana LLCs pay 0% sales tax and save them thousands of dollars. Now you can save thousands more by registering your brand new motorhome or exotic car for just one low fee, regardless of the vehicle’s actual purchase price.