Is it legal?

It is 100% legal for anyone to setup and own a Montana LLC, regardless of
where they live. Your home state will have regulations on its books—under
Use Tax laws—which are administered by your home state’s Department of
Revenue or Equalization, and you do need to follow any limits on vehicle
usage they may require. We recommend that you look those up, and read them
with the understanding that a Montana LLC will be the registered owner of
your vehicle, and not you personally.


The important thing is for you to know the Use Tax laws yourself. Then you
will have solid information to guide your decisions.

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Can I get a free quote?

Yes, just complete our vehicle registration form to obtain a free, no obligation quote!

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, eCheck, or Google Checkout through our secure payment form.

We also accept checks by mail.

Will I need a vehicle inspection?

Montana does not inspect vehicles. You don’t even need to drive your vehicle in-state at any point during or after the registration process.

How do I insure my vehicle?

Check with your insurance provider to see if they will issue insurance to your Montana LLC, and if so, at what rates.

View our list of recommended providers.

What about permanent plates?

Motorcycles, trailers, boats, ATVs, and all vehicles over the age of 10 years receive a permanent plate. You pay a one-time registration fee and the plate is good for as long as you own the vehicle. You will never have to renew the plate.

What about annual fees and registration renewal?

Keeping your Montana LLC in good standing involves three simple steps every January!

What if I have lien against my vehicle?

You’ll need to contact your lien holder to let them know you’ll be registering your vehicle under a Montana LLC.

Learn more and view our list of preferred lenders.

Will I need to file a Montana tax return?

If your Montana LLC has no business activity, there is no tax liability and you do not need to file a Montana tax return.

Learn more about renewing your Montana LLC and vehicle registration.

Will I need a Montana driver’s license?

No, you will not need a Montana driver’s license to operate a vehicle licensed to a Montana LLC.

What if I get stopped and asked for my registration?

If you are stopped by an officer, present a copy of your Montana vehicle registration and your Montana LLC Articles of Incorporation.

Can I register my tow vehicle as well?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you register both vehicles in Montana as you’re less likely to be stopped if your license plates match.

Where will my vehicle be registered?

Where will my vehicle be registered?

Your vehicle will be registered in County office, Montana. We’ll list the address for your Montana LLC as our office:

415 N. Benton Avenue
Helena, MT 59601

How do I register a vehicle in Montana?

We help you file a Montana LLC and act as the registered agent by providing a Montana address from which to conduct business.

Once established, you can purchase vehicles under your LLC. You own the LLC and the company owns the vehicles.

Will I need to pay sales tax in my home state?

Sales tax is generally due in the state of registration. Your vehicles will be registered in Montana which has no sales tax. You will need to understand and comply with use tax laws in the states where the vehicles are located.

How long before I’ll receive my plates?

We file your Montana LLC within 24 hours of payment.

Once setup, we can register your vehicles as soon as we receive the necessary documents — in most cases, your signed Montana title application and title/MCO for the vehicles.

Can I register multiple vehicles?

Yes, you may register as many vehicles as you want under your Montana LLC.

Plus, we register additional vehicles at substantial discount.

What if I’ve already purchased my vehicle?

You can register vehicles you already own under your Montana LLC. However, if applicable, you’ll need to contact your lien holder.

Some lien holders will require a borrowing resolution and operating agreement, which we can provide for you.

Will I need to purchase my vehicle in Montana?

You can purchase your vehicle anywhere and still benefit from registering in Montana.

Will I get notified of my plate renewal?

County office will send out a postcard notifying us that the renewal is due. We’ll forward that to you and you’ll send a check to the County along with a note stating where you would like the renewal stickers sent.

Do you provide mail forwarding services?

Yes, we will place all your mail into another envelope or box, which we’ll then ship out to you either weekly or bi-monthly, depending on your plan.
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Where are your vehicle registration forms?

If you’re ready to form your Montana LLC and register your vehicles, start by entering your vehicle information.

Or, you can view a full list of our online forms.

Once registered in Montana, could I sell my vehicle to another party for export to Canada, provided duty taxes were paid?

Yes, but under no obligation. As long as your Montana LLC remains in good standing, your vehicle can remain registered in Montana perpetually.

I live outside the United States, can you serve as my registered agent so that I can form an LLC in Montana?

Yes, as your registered agent we provide a mailing and physical address for your Montana LLC. We also provide an address for the Montana Secretary of State and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I live in Canada, but want to purchase in the US?

Most dealerships have agreements not to sell directly to Canadians. However, a Montana LLC is a resident of Montana and the United States. With a physical address within Montana, your Montana LLC can own and register vehicles in Montana.

Do you provide mail forwarding services?

Yes, we will place all your mail into another envelope or box, which we’ll then ship out to you either weekly or bi-monthly, depending on your plan.
Learn more about our mail forwarding services!

How do I finance my vehicle?

You’ll need to inform you lender that you’ll be registering your vehicle under a Montana LLC.

View our list of preferred lenders.

How do your fees compare?

Read our straight talk about LLC pricing to see why our inclusive package is the best deal for you.

Do you offer personalized plates?

Yes, for an additional $100, which covers plate fees, shipping fees, and our processing fees.