How A Montana LLC Is A Boat Lover’s Dream Come True!

buying a boat with montana llc

How A Montana LLC Is A Boat Lover’s Dream Come True!



Happy group of friends sailing on a boat and pointing awayMontana has no sales tax. The law in Montana allows entities to register a sales tax-free automobile in the state. Montana law does not technically require shareholder agreements. The extent to which a small company is mandated to pay income tax in Montana depends on its income. For instance, a corporation pays double taxation—the company must pay corporate license tax (income tax) in Montana, as a legal entity and shareholders are required to pay personal income tax on dispersed dividends. A Montana LLC on the other hand only pays income tax.

Recreational Activities with your Montana Water Boats

There’s nothing as exciting as a Montana summer, the occasions for boating fishing and floating are truly endless. When it comes to fishing in Montana, the choices are endless. With five main rivers, numerous streams and mountain lakes, Montana is famous for its access to first-class fishing. Once you buy your fishing boat, register it with an LLC where you pay 0% taxes.

Water Boat Registration in Montana Made Easy

Montana, unlike other states, does not tax LLCs. Registering a motor boat, or any other vehicle in Montana saves you quite a chunk of money in registration fees and sales tax whether you use your boat in Montana or another state for recreation. The best thing about the Montana LLC laws is that you do not have to be a resident of the State to enjoy these benefits.

What Can I Register under my LLC?

  • Trucks, Motor vehicles, & motorcycles
  • Water boats and Water Toys
  • A Motorcycle
  • An Aircraft

Here are steps you should take to form an LLC in Montana.

Happy man fishing with his son in the boat

Choose Your LLC Name

You can use your Montana Company to manage your water boats to save you thousands of dollars and simplify your expense and tax records too. Your LLC is not obligated to pay sales tax and can own fishing boats or ski boats. Under Montana law, a company name must include “Limited Liability Company,” or “LLC.” The suggested name should be unique from the company entities in the database with the Montana business registry of names. Check names for availability by searching the Montana business name record with the Secretary of State.

Articles of Organization

Create a Montana LLC by using a reputable registered agent in the state. They will handle all the processing of your LLC with the MT Secretary of State.

Montana License Plates

The best thing about an LLC registered agent is the efficiency with acquiring state services at the county treasurer’s office. With your new water boat, the registered agent handles the steps to obtain your new registration in the shortest time possible. An agency speedily ships your Montana license plates by courier, (for non-residents) along with the details about your registered LLC.

Benefits of Registering your LLC in Montana

With the help of a registered agent, it should be easy to follow through with the registration process and get your fishing boat in time for the numerous summer adventures in Montana or your home state.  If you would like to buy one or more boats, the helpful agents will prepare all the paper work required for your boat licensing and registration. Also, you do not go through inspections or incur additional litigation costs or taxation costs.


The courts have repeatedly indicated that citizens have a right to avoid taxes or pay low taxes where possible. Contact a Montana Registered Agent today and acquire that ski, fishing or lake boat through a Montana LLC Vehicle Registration. Let a Montana LLC help you enlighten your fishing or skiing experience.

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