LLC Formation


Montana LLC Creation

Form your Limited Liability Company in tax-free Montana and our experienced Registered Agents can help you to save thousands on RV, car, and airplane registration with a Montana LLC.

Montana has no sales or use tax and there’s no required vehicle inspection. Your Montana LLC owns the vehicle; you simply drive the company car. Get Montana plates and pay the lowest rate in 50 states!

Watch a happy LLCTLC customer explain how he saved over $30,000 in one day!

Get your MT tags fast! If you use your MT LLC to manage movable property, we take care of obtaining your plates for you.

Montana LLCs and Montana vehicle and aircraft registrations have been our specialty from 1996 onwards. We also provide Wyoming, New Mexico, and Deleware registered agent services.

Call now at 877-913-5100 for a free consultation, use our live chat, or visit our contact page. Still looking for your dream car, RV, or boat? Be prepared: create a Montana LLC now and add Montana registration later.

Register your vehicles in Montana and…

Pay No Sales Tax

Undergo No Inspections

Keep Your Driver's License

Pay No Personal Property Tax

No Lawyer Needed

Form a Montana LLC and register your:


Cars & Trucks

Boats & Trailers

Motorcycles & ATVs


The Company You Keep

Closely held management services companies are nothing new. Successful Hollywood actors have used personal services companies to manage expenses and minimize taxation for many years. Landlords and limousine drivers use similar strategies, as do family trusts. At LLCTLC, we specialize in helping people like you create your own closely held Montana company, typically an LLC, to manage fixed and movable property. Using your Montana company to manage movable property like RVs and exotic cars can save you a small fortune and simplify record-keeping too. Your Montana LLCs pays no sales tax and can own vehicles (and airplanes), allowing you to drive your company car. Find out more today.


Maximize Value for Your Stakeholders

Big companies maximize value for their shareholders by avoiding big tax bills. Your stakeholders are you and your family members. You can formalize this relationship by creating a family LLC today with LLCTLC. Use your family LLC to manage your movable property for maximum savings with a tax-free Montana LLC. You may also be interested in a Wyoming LLC as a vehicle to protect other family assets. You can create your Montana LLC online or call us at 877-913-5100 for a free consultation about our other services, including creating Wyoming,  and New Mexico, and Delaware companies.

One Low Flat Fee

Just say no to value-added county taxes. Other registered agents may have to charge you up to 0.7 percent of a new vehicle’s sticker price for a new vehicle registration. We can eliminate even this small fee by registering your vehicle or trailer in the lowest-priced county in Montana. RV full timers, car collectors, and airplane owners prefer Montana LLCs for managing movable property because Montana LLCs pay 0% sales tax saving them thousands of dollars. Now you can save thousands more by registering your brand new motorhome, car, or trailer for just one low fee, regardless of the vehicle’s actual purchase price. Just call 877-913-5100 and say flat fee!

Expedited Service

If you’re ready to purchase a recreational vehicle, car, trailer, or plane and need to form a Montana LLC fast, our expedited registered agent service is the fastest in the state. We can walk to the Montana Secretary of State’s offices or to the County Treasurer from our downtown Helena, Montana office location.