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Having ATVs allows you to explore the outdoors, but it comes with a price. With a Montana LLC, however, you can register your ATVs with no sales tax on new ATV purchases and no property tax on permanent registration.

There are many benefits to registering your ATV under a Montana LLC:

  • As an LLC owner in the state of Montana, you can purchase your ATVs without having to pay sales tax.
  • You save on permanent registration fees as compared to other states because Montana does not charge a property tax or use tax on registration.
  • As your registered agent, we will help you navigate through every step for one flat fee of $1295. This covers your LLC setup, paperwork filing, and registration of one ATV. Other vehicles can be added at an additional cost.

Registering Your ATV in Montana

An ATV/quadricycle/motorcycle is required to be permanently registered in Montana on an annual basis, regardless of age or value of the vehicle. Registration types for ATVs include either on- or off-road use.

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Regardless of where you live, you can open an LLC in Montana. This allows you to make purchases, such as ATVs, RVs, boats, or other vehicles under your LLC. Your ATV is owned by your LLC, which you control and own.

As your Montana Registered Agent, we will:

  1. Help you form your LLC in Montana using a Montana address
  2. Assist you with filing your LLC paperwork
  3. Once filed, your LLC business is a “resident” of Montana

As such, your LLC now has the benefits of:

  • ATV and other vehicle purchases being free of sales tax, even if you buy ATVs in your permanent state of residence
  • No use tax on ATV title registration
  • You pay us one flat fee of $1295, and we handle everything including your LLC filing and ATV registration.
  • If you have more than one ATV, please call us to get a custom quote.

Here’s a simple example of what your sales tax savings could look like. Say that you live in Virginia and your sales tax rate is 8%. If you buy a $4000 ATV under your Montana LLC, you would save $320!

To make purchases under your LLC, you do not need a business banking account. However, many of our clients choose to open this type of account to keep their LLC purchases separate, to better track expenses, and to start giving their LLC an established financial standing.

To do this, you would open a business account in your LLC’s name, assigning yourself (and anyone else you choose) as an authorized signer on your account. Your purchase can then be made by any signer on the account using a business debit card, credit card, or paper check provided by your banking institution. Another option is to secure a business loan and pay off your purchase with interest.

Considering Starting an LLC in Another State As Well?

Some of our clients ask us to help them start an LLC company in another state to take advantage of the benefits that come with each particular state. Note: we can only register vehicles/boats/aircraft under your Montana LLC, but we can help you start an LLC company in the following states.

Benefits of owning an LLC in these states:

  • If you plan to do business outside of Delaware, this is a good state to file an LLC in because you won’t have to pay corporate tax. Delaware has a dedicated legal system for corporate law cases, allowing lawsuits to be handled much faster as compared to most other states.
  • Wyoming offers their LLC owners the advantage of not paying state income tax or capital gains taxes on certain assets. Although you do have to hire a registered agent to keep your LLC information on file, you do not have to list names or addresses in the paperwork.
  • New Mexico offers the same anonymity of LLC ownership as Wyoming, with the additional benefit of not having to hire a registered agent.

Is a Montana LLC worth it for your ATV purchases and registration?

Yes. Every time!

Registering your ATV is easy and affordable when you call our knowledgeable registered agents. They will help you get started on your Montana LLC formation and answer all of your questions about ATV registration. One difference between llctlc and everyone else is our years of experience – we’ve been helping clients just like you since 1999.

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