Register Your Boats

If you have a Montana LLC, you can permanently register your boat in Montana and enjoy the benefit of paying no sales tax on your purchase. You also pay low Montana rates for title and registration with no personal property tax due.

If you live outside of Montana, your boat can be purchased in your home state, but you can avoid sales tax and high registration fees by doing your transaction under the umbrella of your Montana LLC.

We can help you start a Montana LLC that you own and control, and your boat and watersport purchases can be made under the name of your LLC.

Registering Your Boat in Montana

Your boat will need to be titled and permanently registered with the Montana Title and Registration Bureau located at the Treasurer’s office in the county where your LLC is registered.

Registration categories for boats include:

  • 19 feet and longer
  • Between 16 and 19 feet
  • Under 16 feet

As your registered agent, we will help walk you through the entire process for one flat fee of $1295. This includes starting and filing your Montana LLC as well as obtaining the title and registration for your boat.

Additional boats/vehicles cost just $595 each to register and title.

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How Does a Montana LLC Work?

We handle everything by setting up your LLC in Montana, registering your boat, and getting the title delivered to your mailbox. Our passion is helping boat owners enjoy the benefits that come with owning a Montana LLC. This is generally how the process works:

We set up your Montana LLC.

  1. As your registered agent, we will file your LLC paperwork in Montana using a Montana address.
  2. Once your LLC is filed, it is now a “resident” of Montana.
  3. Benefits of being a resident include:
  4. Paying no sales tax on boat and other vehicle purchases (even purchases made outside Montana)
  5. No use tax (also called property tax) on boats and vehicles requiring a title
  6. Our Standard Package costs $1295, and it includes everything from filing your LLC to registering your boat. You can register additional boats/vehicles for just $595 each.

Once we file your LLC in Montana, you can open a business checking/savings account under your LLC’s name if you desire, though this is not necessary. Many clients prefer to have a dedicated LLC bank account to help keep personal and business finances separate, and to track their expenses.

To make purchases with an LLC business account, your bank will issue you checks, a debit card, or you can apply for a credit card under the LLC’s name. As a signer on your business account, you are now free to make purchases under your LLC. This allows you all of the benefits of making large purchases, such as a boat, without paying sales tax.

How Much Can You Save?

If you live outside Montana and make a boat purchase, your sales tax costs can really add up. For example, if you live in New York and your county has a sales tax rate of 10%, your $60,000 boat purchase could cost you $6,000 thousand more in sales tax.

If you purchase your boat under your Montana LLC, however, the purchase is being made by your LLC in Montana (a state that does not charge sales tax). Buying your boat this way means that you don’t have to pay New York county sales tax, even though you live in New York.

Owning an LLC in Another State

States other than Montana have various advantages for LLC owners. Though we can only register boats and vehicles under your Montana LLC, we can help you file an LLC in several other states. Here are some benefits worth mentioning:

  • Wyoming LLC is a great option for those who have other assets that are subject to state income tax fees or capital gains taxes. A registered agent is required in Wyoming to keep your LLC information on file, but you are not required to identify your name or address in the paperwork.
  • New Mexico LLC may be ideal if you do not want to worry about needing a registered agent. This state is also highly preferred because they do not require your name or address as the LLC owner.
  • Delaware LLCs are preferred by some because corporate taxes can be avoided if your LLC is registered in Delaware but you do business outside of that state. Delaware has a legal system set up for corporate law cases, which helps legal matters get settled quickly.

We can help you decide which option is best. Some of our clients start an LLC in one of these states and assign that LLC as owner of their Montana LLC. This method takes advantage of the benefits of what each state offers to their LLC owners.

Is a Montana LLC worth it for boat purchases and registration?

Yes. Every time!

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