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Did you know that you could avoid paying sales tax and personal property tax on your car purchase and registration? It’s true! At, we can help you file an LLC in Montana, which means that your vehicle purchases can be made sales tax-free, even when made in your home state of residence.

How is this possible? No matter where you live, we can help you start an LLC in Montana so you can enjoy the tax benefits of being a Montana resident. Simply put, your LLC owns the car that is purchased, the vehicle is registered in Montana, and you get to drive it wherever you live.

Registering Your Car in Montana

A car purchased under your Montana LLC would be registered in Montana, giving you the same benefits that Montana residents receive. This can add up to big savings.

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How Does a Montana LLC Work?

We have helped hundreds of clients make car purchases using this process:

  1. Start your Montana LLC with help from
  2. Your LLC paperwork is filed with the state of Montana using a Montana address (we provide that).
  3. After filing, your LLC is considered a resident of Montana.
  4. As a Montana resident, you can now purchase cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, etc. under your LLC.
  5. You pay no sales tax on car purchases made by your LLC, and you also do not have to pay any personal property tax.
  6. We handle everything including filing your LLC in Montana and registering your car for one flat fee of $1295 per vehicle.
  7. If you have more than one car to register, simply call us for custom pricing.

Once your LLC is filed, you can start making purchases under your LLC. Though you are not required to do so, some clients opt to open a business account at their local bank. You would assign yourself and any others as authorized signers on the account. All authorized signers are allowed to make purchases, write checks, secure business loans, deposit funds, and cash checks for your LLC. When you’re ready to purchase a car using your LLC account, you would simply write a check, use your business debit card, or take out a loan in your LLC’s name.

Direct Savings For You

A car purchased under your LLC would not be charged any sales tax, nor would you be charged any personal property tax on registration. If you reside in Florida, for example, and your sales tax rate is 6%, then you normally pay Florida sales tax rates on any purchases you make. However, if you purchase a car under your Montana LLC, you owe nothing in sales tax! On a $35,000 car, that’s a savings of $2100!

Benefits of Also Owning an LLC in Another State

Another service we offer is LLC filing in other states. There are very specific advantages to filing in these particular states, so if you have questions about how this might work for you, feel free to give us a call. Please note that we can only register vehicles in Montana.

  • Wyoming LLC: A good option if you own assets subject to either state income tax or capital gains taxes. Additionally, Wyoming does not require LLC owners to name themselves as owners on the filing paperwork. You will need to hire a registered agent in Wyoming to keep your LLC paperwork on file. Learn more about Wyoming LLC formation today.
  • New Mexico LLC: Like Wyoming, New Mexico does not require your name or contact information to be listed as the owner of your LLC. An added benefit of a New Mexico LLC is that this state does not require a registered agent to keep your LLC information on file.
  • Delaware LLC: If you plan to do business in another state, a Delaware LLC is a good option because they won’t charge you corporate taxes if you do business outside of Delaware. An added benefit of owning an LLC in Delaware is that they have a special corporate legal system set up to address corporate lawsuits.

Is a Montana LLC worth it for your car purchase and registration?

Yes. Every time!

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