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Why is Montana the ideal state to register your motorcycle in? Montana offers the advantage of no sales tax on motorcycle purchases and no personal property tax on permanent motorcycle registration.

For many of our clients, this an appealing option because they can open an LLC in Montana regardless of where they live, and then purchase their motorcycle under the LLC name. This means that the motorcycle is technically the property of the Montana LLC, which is owned by you.

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How Does a Montana LLC Work?


How Does a Montana LLC Work?

We can walk you through the entire process from start to finish, but this is how it works:

  1. Let us help you form your LLC in Montana.
  2. We will also assist you with filing your LLC paperwork in Montana.
  3. Once filed in Montana, your LLC is considered a “resident” of that state.
  4. As a resident of that state, your LLC now has the benefits of:
  5. No sales tax on motorcycles and other vehicle purchases, even those made outside of Montana.
  6. No property tax due on your title.
  7. You pay one flat fee of $1295, which includes filing your Montana LLC and registering your motorcycle.
  8. If you have more than one motorcycle, contact us for a custom quote.

Perhaps you live in California and you’re wondering how your LLC purchases would work if your LLC is registered in Montana? We can help you with that! Once your LLC is formed, you can open a business account in the LLC’s name, assigning one or more “signers” on that account. Your bank would then issue you a debit card and paper checks under your LLC business account, which would be used to make your purchase.

Savings in Your Pocket

What kinds of savings are you looking at? If you were to purchase a $50,000 Ducati motorcycle, for example, you would make that purchase under your Montana LLC. If you live in Los Angeles, California (which has a 10% sales tax rate), you will avoid a tax liability of $5000 on your purchase!

Advantages of Also Owning an LLC in Another State

For our business-savvy clientele, we can help you file an LLC company in another state to help you take advantage of specific benefits that are offered in those states. If you have questions about how this option might benefit you, please give us a call and we are happy to help. Please note that we only provide vehicle registration services for our Montana LLC clients.

  • Wyoming is a great choice for an LLC if you have assets that are subject to either capital gains taxes or state income tax. Although they do require that a registered agent in Wyoming keeps your LLC information on file, you are not required to provide them with the names or addresses of the LLC owners.
  • New Mexico is another good state to start an LLC in because they do not require a registered agent to keep that information, nor do they require the names and addresses of the LLC owners. You can assign your New Mexico LLC as the owner of your Wyoming or Montana LLC in order to keep your information completely private (out of public record).
  • Delaware is an option if you want to avoid corporate taxes (you must do business outside of Delaware).

This state is unique in that it has a special legal system dedicated to corporate law cases. This helps legalities to be resolved in a timely manner.

Is a Montana LLC worth it for your motorcycle purchases and registration?

Yes. Every time!

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