To register an additional vehicle under your LLC, we will need the original title or certificate of origin along with the other documents from the seller (i.e. odometer statement, reassignments, lien releases, repo certificates, etc). Anything the seller gave you, please send to our office. After registration, we will send back plates, registration, and any documents we did not need. In addition to the seller documents, please send the attached vehicle information form. This helps expedite the registration process.

If the seller is a company, make sure whoever signs as the seller on the title or MCO lists their title or official capacity next to their signature. For Example: If Johnson Performance Motors sells a vehicle to you they should sign (on the seller signature line) as “Greg Johnson, Vice President of Johnson
Performance Motors”. If the seller only signs as “Greg Johnson” the DMV will reject the title. Verify that ALL documents show the LLC as the purchaser. Anything with your personal name listed as purchaser won’t be accepted by the DMV. The only time your personal name should appear is when you sign it on behalf of the company. Your signature should appear as follows: John Doe, a member of XYZ, LLC. You must sign your paperwork. Our power of attorney covers the application for title and filings with the Secretary of State, not specific dealership documents.

If your personal name is listed as purchaser, please fill out the attached bill of sale form, have it notarized, and include it with the title work. Montana will not register a vehicle in your personal name if you are not a resident of Montana. (Make sure to sign the documents/title listing your personal name as the buyer to ensure a complete chain of ownership.) The address to use is your business address: 415 N Benton Ave, Helena, MT 59601.

The total fee for each vehicle with an MSRP under $150,000 is $525.00 (plus personalization and sponsor plate fees if applicable) and plates will be obtained in 5-15 days then forwarded to you via Priority Mail to the address we have on file (unless you specify an alternative). You can remit payment via check or credit card (see attached form). Passenger vehicles with MSRP over $150,000 are $1350.00 and motorhomes with MSRPs over $300,000 are $1295 a piece.

When mailing in your title work, please send it using a tracking number (FedEx, UPS, or certified mail through USPS).

Please let us know if you have any questions.